What is Arc Attack?

Every so often, the hosts of FnF like to do a little writing. The Arc Attack project is an effort to direct and organize that writing. Something to give us goals and deadlines. Each month, the goal is to create a new short story. Each story can be an arc, a small piece of a character’s journey, and of a bigger world. The first story I’m posting, Valkyrie, is part of the Brutal Future universe, a sci-fi setting where coliseum fights featuring robots and genetic monstrosities are a popular form of entertainment. To be perfectly honest, I’m not super-confident about this arc. I didn’t have a consistent writing schedule when I started, so it was made in short bursts, over the course of a couple months. It could probably use another pass, or even a serious rewrite, but I have been putting off posting it for long enough already. The main purpose of this project is to make us all better writers, so hopefully future writings will see improvement.

Alright, enough apologizing. Go read this story about a cool robot I wrote. It’s got sword fights and stuff. You like that, right?