MT 007 – Phantom Touch

We review Phantom Touch #1 (Ghost Paranormal Romance) by Mac Flynn. 

It’s a ghost erotica with barely any ghost and absolutely no erotica, soooo… it’s bad.

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092 – Are There Smooching Mechanics?

Keith and Ivy discuss questionable power buttons, the inevitable death of Tumblr, and Keith’s recent developments for the Tamers RPG.

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Late Episode

Due to some editing difficulties, this week’s episode is going to be a couple days late. The earliest I can post it is Wednesday night, and I hope to do so no later.

No New Episode Again

We’re not becoming a bi-weekly show, I promise!

We weren’t able to record last week, and I could blame scheduling issues, and our respective workloads and living situations, but really, this time it was all Dani’s fault. That’s right Dani, you know what you did.

Send all your complaints to, care of Dani.

In the meantime, we’re still posting episode of our let’s play mostly regularly. So check those out on our Videos page.

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