Late Episode

Due to some editing difficulties, this week’s episode is going to be a couple days late. The earliest I can post it is Wednesday night, and I hope to do so no later.

Nevada’s Best

“So, mister Ghostpowers, why do you want to work for the United States Government?”

“Well, If I get a summer job, then I can make some progress on my student loans, and maybe my grandkids won’t be stuck paying them off.”

Raymond Ghostpowers sat at a solid wooden desk, in a darkened room. The one light on the otherwise empty desk was pointed in his face, making it hard to discern Mister A., the suit-clad figure across from him. He looked to be about mid-thirties, with black hair and a close-trimmed beard.

“If I may, mister Ghostpowers, you look a little young for grandchildren.” Said Mister A. “Are they time travelers? Clones? Alien hybrid clones?”

“Um, they’re hypothetical.”

“I see. Very good.” Mister A. made a note in his black, leather bound book, then turned his attention back to his interviewee. Raymond wasn’t sure if this guy was joking or not. He had never seen anyone use the phrase ‘alien hybrid clones’ with such a straight face.

“Any other experiences with inexplicable or paranormal phenomenon?” Continued Mister A.

“My grandfather was one of those douchey frauds with a paranormal reality show, back in the day. He even legally changed his last name for it. So yeah, that’s why I’m a ‘Ghostpowers’. I’ve been meaning to change it to something more conventional, but, you know.”

“So, no experience contacting, exorcising, banishing, or communing with undead or otherworldly entities?”

“Is… is that a real question? Like, why would they make you ask that for this interview?”

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No New Episode Again

We’re not becoming a bi-weekly show, I promise!

We weren’t able to record last week, and I could blame scheduling issues, and our respective workloads and living situations, but really, this time it was all Dani’s fault. That’s right Dani, you know what you did.

Send all your complaints to, care of Dani.

In the meantime, we’re still posting episode of our let’s play mostly regularly. So check those out on our Videos page.

Kids, don’t do drugs.