062 – Video Game Movies

Will Keith ever return Ivy’s VHS copy of the Super Mario Bros. Movie? Find out in this slightly coherent episode!

Here is the link to the Polygon article about pikachu saying human words. It’s real upsetting. https://www.polygon.com/2017/11/7/16604212/pokemon-i-choose-you-movie-review-pikachu

Sorry about the weird release timing. I was unable to edit this and next episode until after the intended release date, so I’m dropping them both on a Thursday.

055 – In Which Topics Are Discussed

Long long time between episode releases? Check.

Kinda meandering conversation about no topic in particular? Check.

Talkin’ ’bout Star Wars and anime? Check.

We’re all almost too tired to converse coherently? Check.

It must be a new episode of Friendship & Firelight with Keith and Ivy.