ACPotI Adventure E07-09 – His Nipples Were Fine

In episodes 07-09 of Digimon Adventure, Eggs aren’t supposed to go on eggs, Leomon survives his debut episode with nipples intact, and Keith reveals some impure feelings about Gabumon.

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MT 012 – Runt and Giant

CW: Kink, discussion of consensual non consent.

We Review Runt and Giant by NRMathis.

One of us had a big appreciation for this werewolf sex, and one of us had a considerably smaller appreciation. So it’s thematic kinda.

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ACPotI Adventure E01-03 – Go Cuddle My Brother

Welcome to A Computer Podcast on the Internet! In this podcast on the internet, we review the Digimon anime franchise, and rate episodes based on some very arbitrary criteria!

In episodes 01-03 of Digimon Adventure, some kids get eaten by a wave, get their bearings in an alien world, and ask the monsters about how their bodies work.

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MT 010 – Monstergirl Harems: The Spidergirls

CW: This one is mildly spidery, for anyone with arachnophobia.

We review Monstergirl Harems: The Spidergirls by Teagan Mori.

For a book about spiders, this one really failed to creepy our crawlies.

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