050 – Degrassi But With Vampires

Gather up your stakes, fellow adventurers, because this week, we’re talking Buffy, and Mika and Matthew are confused. But first, we talk about monsters in unusual roles. Because EXP fodder is boring. Also, it’s our 50th episode! To celebrate, we all got really sleepy in the middle of the day for no reason, then recorded this podcast.

049 – Willy Wonka Is Already A Cenobite

What starts as a conversation about candy inevitable drifts towards the topic of BDSM. Because of course it does. And apparently Hellraiser’s new thing is inducing anaphylactic shock. Also, we talk about how much Batman just hates young people music. Like, so much.

048 – No One Knows What Edginess Is

Sharpen your knives, adventurers, because this week we’re talking about edginess. From Cars 3 to WikiHow, basically everything is garbage. Plus, noted edges-pert Mika recounts their tales of online roleplaying. But first, we revive one of our oldest segments, and get ready to hit the information superhighway.


046 – More Gender Stuff (With Mika Cave)

In this episode, we come back to the topic of gender identities. Plus, we perform a rare, never-before attempted podcast host tag team switch. Sorry, it’s a little rough in execution, but scheduling the recording was nearly dang impossible this week, and this was the only way to do it.