008 – Is Warhammer Dead?

This week, we have another Critical Condition, looking at the recent episodes of Adventure Time. But honestly, we spend most of the segment talking about how much we all love Adventure Time. So maybe we’re not very good at Critical Condition. Then, we talk about the recent changes to the game Warhammer, with its ‘Age of Sigmar’ update. Are they killing the franchise? They sure have made some questionable choices, which we discuss at length.


Also, check out our let’s play of Undertale on youtube! It comes out this Friday, November 20 (tentatively). It is a game we all really love, so we have a ton of fun, and you’ll probably get to hear us all cry a whole lot.

007 – Intellectual vs Inaccessible

In this week’s episode, we discuss The Babadook in Critical Condition. We’re not saying it’s a bad movie, in fact, it’s really good. But could it have been better? Then, We talk about highbrow, smarty-pants culture, and when it gets too deep for us.

004 – They Got It Right the First Time

In this week’s episode, we confess our dislike of the movie District 9, and discuss how its plot and characters could have been improved. Are our opinions controversial? Probably, but that’s what you get in our new segment, Critical Condition. Then, we turn that hate-train right around, and discuss nerd culture that “got it right” the first time. Those landmark creations that cannot be imitated, recreated, or improved upon.