009 – Formative Video Games

This week, we introduce our new segment, The Dungeonmaster’s Basement, where we discuss all aspects of running an RPG. Keith has a new idea for a DnD campaign, and it’s a little… different from what he usually writes. Then, we talk about the video games from our childhood that influenced us the most, and made us into the nerds we are today.

006 – Chaotic Neutral

Who loves Robocop? Everybody, including us. We discuss this sci-fi staple in Reel Talk this week, and we can’t shut up about how great it is. Then, we discuss the controversial alignment, chaotic neutral. We ask the question: “Are chaotic neutral characters the best, or the worst?” And we discuss some classic chaotic neutrals from culture, and from our own roleplaying experience.

003 – D&D Editions (With Alyssa Seemann)

In this week’s episode, we are joined by Matt’s sister Alyssa. In lieu of a segment, we all get together in person for the first times, introduce ourselves, and talk about how we know each other. It turns out, we’re all friends! Then, we talk about the different editionsĀ of Dungeons & Dragons that we play, plus, some other role-playing systems. For real though, 5E is freakin’ excellent.