006 – Chaotic Neutral

Who loves Robocop? Everybody, including us. We discuss this sci-fi staple in Reel Talk this week, and we can’t shut up about how great it is. Then, we discuss the controversial alignment, chaotic neutral. We ask the question: “Are chaotic neutral characters the best, or the worst?” And we discuss some classic chaotic neutrals from culture, and from our own roleplaying experience.

004 – They Got It Right the First Time

In this week’s episode, we confess our dislike of the movie District 9, and discuss how its plot and characters could have been improved. Are our opinions controversial? Probably, but that’s what you get in our new segment, Critical Condition. Then, we turn that hate-train right around, and discuss nerd culture that “got it right” the first time. Those landmark creations that cannot be imitated, recreated, or improved upon.

002 – Epic vs Personal

We read our spec sequel to Gattaca in our new segment, 4 Sentence Fury. It has nothing to do with the original movie, but it does feature Adam Sandler as an evil, dimension-hopping, wizard princess. Then we recover our sanity long enough to discuss epic events and personal journeys, and how the two elements are best balanced to tell a great story.

001 – Call to Action

In our first episode, we summarize the plot of the new Fantastic 4 movie, and discuss its wildly shifting tone. Then, we talk about that classic moment in a story when the hero hears the call to action, and starts off on their journey.